ATMA means the Inner source or the Soul which is the true essence of peace, prosperity & the pure power within one-self.

YOGA means remaining in union with the individual inner self & the supreme self.

Atma Yoga is the Most powerful life transforming psychic practice to attain conscious connection with the innerself and unleash the ultimate power within to create abundance and fulfilment in all aspects of life, which is conceived and guided by our beloved spiritual teacher Atmayogi Shri Aasaanji. Atmayoga is a combination of unique energy meditation (Atma-Dhyana) & effective mind-tuning methods where one can attain a blissful state & experience total transformation in all aspects of life.

AtmaDhyana- Is the Most powerful Inner-Transformation Technique to activate Maha-Buddhi (The Universal Mind), through which you can shift your life-consciousness from lower dimension to higher dimension and always be connected to the ultimate source of infinite intelligence and limitless possibilities.