Shaolin kung-fu

About Kung-fu

    The martial arts of ancient China are referred to as Kung-fu. It was originally developed in the Shaolin Monastery, China. The monks of Shaolin temple. practiced Kung-fu for their health self -defense in their pursuit for enlightenment. 

In this method attacks are applied to weak areas on an opponent’s body using flowing movements of the hands & legs.Traditionally Kung-fu in China was a vital part in the education of government leaders. The people of China placed great importance to the practice of Kung-fu. he ethics of Chinese martial arts was developed by Buddhist masters who wanted to prolong life.   

Kung-fu “not only an effective martial art & an excellent system for health & vitality. It merely gives us a way to spiritual awakening. The word “Kung-fu” is a Chinese word which comprised a meaning of fulfillment with heart, efficiency and so on. In English Martial skill (or) Martial discipline stands for Kung-fu. It clearly explains the character, individuality, energy level, discipline & services in a Kung-fu Martial artist. Enthusiasm holds the key factor for learning Kung-fu and the people in between the age group 5-40 Years were capable of doing Kung-fu. It doesn’t needs a healthy, well equipped personality for freshers, in contrary the art itself shapes-up a good martial artist.  

Shaolin monastery was the imperial temple situated at the sacred summit of Henan province in china. “Shao” and “Lin” stands for “Dense “and “Forest” respectively. For a long time hermits of Buddha were practicing Chi-kung ( which controls mind) and Qi-gong (which involves higher level energy movements). As a result of their prolonged chanting shaolin kung-fu given birth. Indian, in particular Tamilian from Kancheepuram ,a Buddha ascetic called “Bodhi Dharmar” (Damo) who creates first basic techniques of shaolin Kung-Fu earlier, history portrays. 

Mission & Vision

Our master inspires self-interested, thousand of peoples & plays many different roles such as a Meditation teacher, Master of Martial Arts, Spiritual Leader & a Psychotherapist. He has designed unusual courses which drill efficient & realistic procedures for emotional & physical well-being in Salem District.  The students of Shaolin Yoga Meditation Centre are inspired Volunteers who carry out this under his supervision. In addition he has also formed a fresh rejuvenating system for personal & public renovation, not only to a precise population these practices have confirmed success all levels in our society.