Zen Healers Association

About Zen Healing

In Zen Healing, There are numerous arts in India. Art of Yoga is considered as the most ancient art among them.Zen Meditation is the most popular & prominent type of meditation among the various types. Indian Sadhus ( Rishis ) got this art from God. We can very well find this type of meditation surviving in Buddhism now. This miraculous art was popular in the era of Lord Buddha. It flourished at the time of Bodhi Dharma in China. It got spread in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore & in other countries also.

Zen has started to lead the people in Spiritual way. Now it has transformed as a religion followed by certain group of people.The word ‘ZEN’ has come from Poly language word CHANA which is called as DHYANAM in Sanskrit and in Tamil. The term Chana sounded as Za Zen in China and Zen in Japan. This art is called as Zen meditation.