Kundalini Yoga

About Kundalini

 Among the different types of yoga in India Kundalini yoga is the most specialized form of yoga. The origin of all  yoga forms is based on kundalini yoga for they are designed to raise kundalini energy. It helps you to understand the power within as its practice is related to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. According to many yogic faiths the enlightenment is reached through kundalini awakening.  

According to Siddhar philosophy,  the attainment of eight different dimensions of perfection called the Attama siddhis is possible through the practice of kundalini yoga. Different types of doshams such as naga dosham, Kalasarpa Dosham, Sevvai dosham, kalathra dosham & putra dosham can be eliminated through this yoga and also helps the practitioner to get rid of ancestral curses fully. All the sufferings, diseases & unsolvable problems are due to karma. Kundalini yoga helps to overcome this karmic trap. 

Almost all  humans suffer due to physical pain of some sort in their lives. It can be due  to cancer, digestive problems, arthritis and so on. Those who practice kundalini yoga can free themselves from all sorts of diseases, pain and suffering, whether  they are mental or physical. A variety of diseases are steadily eliminated as a natural consequence of the awakening. Kundalini practice is a true  healing gift to oneself. An individual acquires perfect health and looks much  younger than ones real age. The stimulation of kundalini makes one experience the love of Divine and a longing for solitude take place. Such an individual is blessed with divine visions,  sounds, smells and touch. It is a voyage  from the known to unknown; mind becomes serene. Anger, lust, greed, ego &  attachment subside. Such a person lives a normal life outwardly, but inside, the alertness become massive and the extent of knowledge becomes better. The fear of death is conquered as one has seen ones own after life, in the process of  meditation