zen Yoga

About Zen Yoga

    The secrets of the Indian yoga and ancient Chinese philosophy from the foundation of zen yoga. The meditation & breathing techniques which found in yoga are excellent. Zen yoga embodies the highest teachings, incorporates them as guiding principles. 

The heart of Zen is " Awakening " it helps to understood the most deepest & difficult part within us. Another specail feature of this yoga is called " Touching  Healing  by which student cures himself and also heals the alignments of those around him. 

Students who have completed the Basic Zen Yoga are eligible to attend Advanced Zen Yoga. This yoga has attributes more exceptional than Basic Zen Yoga. Through this Yoga a person learns the breathing techniques that increase the physical & mental power, secrets about the 24 cosmic creative energies, methods to attain human creative energies, to heal incurable diseases using secret techniques obtained through yoga, ways to overcome one’s pain & suffering & to heal oneself & others. This yoga contains secret yoga mudras revealed no-where else in the world. 

Zen meditation is independent from  any specific religion. There are many different benefits of Zen meditation. The benefits of Zen meditation are unique to each  individual. The following details some of these advantages: 

  • Body and mind calmness
  • Positive thinking 
  • Personal enlightenment
  • Boost to self-esteem 
  • Academic excellence 
  • Self Confidence
  • Longevity
  • Healing Power
  • Social Mind
  • Improve to Physical in Mental power.
  • Stress and pain relieve 
  • Better relationships
  • Clarity of mind
  • Improves immune system