Aim of Kung-fu Federation

 Shaolin Kung-fu Federation of India had formed in Southern Region of India where arts signet a treasure.Its duly registered Non-Profit Organization, aims to unite Martial artists all around the world to know & learn traditional Shaolin Kung-fu in its own way with its uniqueness.

Shaolin Kung-fu Federation was setup to meet the massive demand from all parts of the world. Our main goal is to spread Shaolin & culture around the world. All kind of  Martial Arts are taught in our academy and people can enjoy the Indian culture and scenery. 

Self-defense is the soul of any Chinese  martial arts. Although the skill to defend one-self is a positive feature, Kung-fu students are trained to be clear-minded with strong fighting techniques. When a person is able to defend oneself efficiently it helps to increase self-confidence.

Of the three systems in human body that contribute to the function of balance, the procreative system plays an important role.The awaken the in-born talent of a body awareness & knowing just where the body is in space is called proprioception (Sixth Sense) - it is the scientific term for the physical feeling of the moving body. Even when the eyes are closed a person has the knowledge of body position. 

Additional Information

Proprioceptors are stretch receptors that are present in muscles, tendons, joints & the inner ear. These receptors send positional information to the brain. Proprioception declines with age. This is where Tai Chi comes in.Tai chi is a great exercise to improve proprioception.  



Valuble certificates will be given for the members those who really improve and attain the skill of Martial arts.



Competitions will be really very interesting and tough. Participants are well trained, and selected for the by our masters.



Camps conducted by our master in a hill location for the period of 10 to 12 days, full day training will be given for the members.