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Grand Master with this Master

Sifu-Lu R.Ramesh B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc, M.D.,(Acu)  

Founder and International Grandmaster With his Master

Shaolin Kung-fu Black belt VIII th Degree

Chinese Kung-fu Black belt VIII th Degree 

Fu Ku Black V th degree - Wu - Dao Temple 

Sijo of Fu-Ku Martial-arts 

 Life Member : MAA - I ( Germany )

Master says : 

There are no shortcuts & no easy ways to defend yourself to master an art"

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About Shaolin Kung-fu Academy

     Shaolin Kung-fu Martial arts academy of  India is a dedicated  to Kung-fu academy which provides training over  35 years in Tamilnadu  with  professional excellence. It tenets to complement the youths by imbibing values like discipline, vitality, stamina, quick judgment, physical & mental enrichment thereby creating them  a noble personality.

Kung-fu means hard work to become an accomplished person. It requires consistent time & conscientious effort. Many benefits can arise from the diligence such as focus, self control, self-confidence, connection of mind and body, as well as physically fit bodies which are trained for self-defense. 

The academy teaches various martial arts are listed below & also owned life membership with 

  • Shaolin & Chinese Kung-fu, 
  • 12 Animal styles of Kung-fu,
  • Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, 
  • Weapons Training,
  • Zen meditation found before 4000 Years of fore-most Fu-Ku forms Chinese boxing Kick boxing semi contact of Shaolin Wu-Shu, Kundalini Yoga, Spiritual Kung-fu & Kapala Meditation.

Qualities of our Traditional School:  

  • Our institute and all the arts are properly recognized under various International martial arts organization and associations, thereby enriching it’s standard.
  • For its successful service over 35 years “Martial arts association - International” of Germany – recognized the school and World Martial Arts Council, Italy.  
  • The Institute act diligently over 35 yrs and defeats all the challenges, struggles and achieved many awards. 

          Few of those listed below :


  • Grand championship
  • Rolling trophy
  • Supreme Martial arts school
  • Kung- fu master excellence award
  • Silver award denoting International Martial arts service
  • Aishwaryam – 2003 ( Best kung-fu Academy and Best kung-fu Master )
  • Master of master – 2005
  • Grand Master Award - 2018 ( Top 10 )

Improvement can be seen after only a few months because of the rigorous and disciplined training method. We welcome you to visit us. You will find people from all walks of life attend classes at Shaolin Kung-fu. Do not be surprised to find a friend here with the same interests as you.

Feel free to explore our website to find more information on the classes and instructors at our school. 


Shaolin Kung-fu's Mission Statement :

To complete the study and practice of the ancient art of Shaolin kung fu to help others reach gladness and good health through self-cultivation while building a community of strong brainpower & body. 

Founder of Academy

     Sifu-Lu R.Ramesh, Our Grand-Master from Salem District, Tamilnadu. He have around 35  Years of experience in Martial Arts & holding 8 th degree in Shaolin Kung-fu & Chi-Kung.   


He realized that the appearance & development of this art is from the yoga itself. He is well versed in Meditation techniques, Vassi methods, the Secret of Mudras & mantras found in traditional yoga. Master R.Ramesh strongly believed that although fate is strong, the route to win it lies hidden in the secrets of the yoga is based on self-cultivation. In order to teacher these secrets to his Kung-fu students he started Shaolin Yoga Meditation Centre.  He is well versed in the meditation techniques, Vaasi yoga methods, the secrets of mudras & mantras found in traditional yoga. He strongly believed that a person physical labor, effort & training were responsible for up-liftment. Master Ramesh strongly believed that although fate is strong, the route to win it lies hidden in the secrets of yoga. He declares that even an ordinary person who takes the initiative to learn these yoga secrets rightly, can achieve  lot in life.                      


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