About Master

Sri Yogeswaran is well versed  in the Kundalini Yoga, which is considered as the Divine yoga by Siddhars. He  declared that if a person was able to control his mind and thoughts through certain meditation techniques then he is eligible to receive the Divine Lord initiation, the blessings of Siddhars and the knowledge of their yoga secrets. He asserted  that yoga must not be looked upon as an art alone - it is a Divine medicine for  humanity. 

In his life is dedicated to Martial Arts and spirituality. The meditation techniques  and exercises taught by him leads to the formation of a new Self, which is the  ultimate goal of all spiritual practices. In  Zen yoga he has created an innovative system based upon his extensive  knowledge. This is the Yoga of the new era.  He executes the mission given to him by Goddess Adhi Sakthi with an approach of  perfect surrender to the Divine. His approach is so direct and powerful that it sparks a spiritual revolution. He strives to make his teachings available to everyone as he follows the path of the spirit. 


The advantages of Kung-fu comes under five categories  :  Self-defense, Physical condition, Energy, Mind expansion and Spiritual Progress. 

Self-defense is the soul of any Chinese Martial arts. Although the skill to defend oneself is a positive feature, Kung Fu students are trained to be open-minded and evade fighting. When a person is able to defend oneself efficiently it helps to increase his self-confidence.