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About Adhi Sakthi Trust

 Sifu-Lu Dr.R.Ramesh, founder of Shaolin Adhi Sakthi Trust inspires thousands of people & plays many different roles and responsibilites such as a meditation teacher, Master of martial arts, Spiritual leader & a successful psychotherapist. He has designed unusual courses which drill efficient,  realistic procedures for emotional & physical well-being.He has awakened the beliefs of yoga & meditation & presented them in a structure that is applicable to this century. His vision of a healthy & stress-free society has expressed itself in the numerous Healing camps will be conducted in Salem, TamilNadu. 

Learn traditional Shaolin Kung-fu in Tamilnadu especially at Salem District. 

We offer classes for children & adults.

  • Students are encouraged to work towards personal fulfillment. The instructors personally work with students while performing demonstrations for better learning. Beginners are very welcome & should not be intimidated.  We  all start as  a beginners  and  can  be  benefited from embracing in the challenge. Intermediate & advanced students of martial arts will find the classes to be challenging & rewarding. 








The Tarot is the oldest card game in this world. It is traditionally accepted that the Tarot originated in Egypt. It is a system linked directly to Astrology that has its base in meditation.The Tarot is a mirror & a map of the soul reflecting the entire spectrum of human knowledge. It is comprised of 78 cards. Each of the 78 cards covers an aspect of  the human condition. They represent every emotion we will experience and lot more. 

The Tarot is a symbolic oracle. As a general rule humans on subconscious level resonate with icons & photos very much. Therefore symbols & images help more in communication as it appeals to one’s baser notes. The Tarot deck is heaped with imagery. The use of animal similes in Tarot reveals the connection between the humans and the natural world. Insight and clarity gained through Tarot readings helps a person in improving relationships, work, health and dreams.



Reiki means Universal Life Force energy.  Reiki, a very ancient science, hidden for thousands of years was rediscovered  by Japanese Buddhist Dr.Mikao Usui. The magnetic energy received through  meditation process is drawn as symbols before a person. It is transformed into  energy waves and is received by that individual, by which personal pain and  diseases are overcome.  

Reiki can be used to treat a number of ailments, both physical and emotional. Reiki treatment includes body, mind and spirit resulting in beneficial effects and is reported as miraculous. In Reiki treatment, energy flows from the practitioners hand to the patient. The practitioner receives this energy from the cosmic through certain meditation techniques. A person can heal oneself as well as others after receiving the Reiki attunement which is a unique feature. The power heals the physical, subtle and the casual levels. Each individual person is influenced in a personal way by the Reiki treatment.      



    The Scottish surgeon James Braid,  formed the words hypnosis and hypnotism from the term ‘neuro-hypnotism .  According to him hypnotism is a state of mental concentration. But later on new  definitions were provided. It was considered a crime before as it was illegal using such methods. 

 Now it has been proved that hypnotism is a significant device in the field of medicine as it helps to cure depression & mental illness. 

During hypnosis,a person is said to have heightened focus & concentration. The person can concentrate intensely on a specific thought or memory, while blocking out sources of distraction. 

Kiriya Yoga


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal. The Universe has lots of secrets  embodied within it. To understand it fully one has to learn the technique of  attaining Samadhi state and its secrets. Samadhi  is a spiritual condition of awareness. 



The ancestry  of numerology can be traced back to Egypt  and Babylonia. Although there are different  types of numerology such as Chaldean number system, Pythagorean numerology, Kabbalah numerology, Chinese Numerology and so on, all systems use both, a person’s name and date of birth or any one only. Numerology is the study of the  spiritual connection and meaning found in numbers and letters. The numbers  influence who you are and how you live. 

Pranic Healing


The  Basic Kundalini Yoga are taught about Universe, its cosmic energy which  separates on earth as five different elements (Earth, Fire, Sky, Water and Air)  and about the guidance offered by these elements to humanity. These elements of  nature have within it the blissful energy that cures all illness. Through  Pranic Healing course, students get to know the means of obtaining this energy from the elements of nature.