About Chi-kung (or) Qi-gong


Chi-Kung or Qigong has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine, martial arts and philosophy.The exercises of Chi Kung  ( or ) Qigong are simple because the moves do not require walking & thereby enabling even persons with limited mobility to practice Chi Kung. Many moves can be done sitting. It is a practice for aligning breath and movement. 

Over the years different and powerful  Qigong forms developed in Chinese society. Qigong is physical and mental training method that includes breathing exercises, physical movement & meditation techniques.It slows down the process of aging. Chi Kung is used by Chinese doctors to treat people suffering  from all kind  of diseases such as Arthritis, Asthma, Bowel problems, Chronic  Kidney disease, Obesity, Rheumatism, Sleeplessness, Ulcers and lot more.

‘Chi’ is universal driving force. Man can gain this ‘chi’ through universe by his mind control practices and implementing it for his body, mind and health is ‘kung’. Basically ‘chi-kung’ is a divine breathing exercise beyond human breathing exercise. These divine breathing exercises are so called ‘Pranayamam’ by Indian saints and ‘chi-kung’ by Chinese saints. In this chi-kung breathing exercises anybody can get significant breathing function of five elements with universal driving force to make their every organs healthy and capable of manipulating their body powerful. In our body, every organs have energy suppliers and energy transferring roots (meridians). In its own, these ‘chi-kung’ practices help us to maintain these roots clean & functioning it in a similar way.