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About Zen Meditation

This wonderful type of meditation is spreading drastically in Asian countries like China, Japan and India which consists of traditional universal secrets of India and Chi-kung method of China. It possess the ultimate blessings of Universal Faries like Quva yin, Green tara , Chinese Angels, Hebrew Angels, Lord Buddha and Holy spirits of Buddha zen priests etc.

Proper practice of Zen meditation for 48 days activates his/her 7 yogachakras.The activation of these chakras help him to acquire the most prominent universal energy CHI ( uyir sakthi / praanan in tamil ).He becomes stronger and Holy when his body acquires the universal force and the mercy of holy angels. He can very well use the acquired holy energy to heal disorders and diseases of human body by using the proper method of Zen Meditation.

WORLD ZEN HEALERS ASSOCIATION has been started to enlighten awareness regarding Zen and among people. Every art possess a particular shape. Zen meditation art and its systematic treatment also has its own shape called as Zen Meditation System.

  • Factual features of Zen Meditation Treatment
  • Make others to feel the power through Zen Meditation!.
  • It will purify their mind, body and soul.
  • Universal power of healing “TOUCH and HEAL” System.

Think! Observe it as an art !

Grant it for others to experience it!

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There are numerous arts in India Art of Yoga meditation is considered as the most ancient art among them. Zen Meditation is the most popular and prominent type of meditation among the various types. Indian Sadhus (rishis) got this art from the God .